Learn the Basics: What are we losing?

What are we losing?


The Earth is hypothesized to be a super-organism with ability to regulate environmental conditions needed to sustain it, much as the human body keeps its water content, temperature, and other conditions at relatively constant state to keep body alive.

In this massive organism, we humans are only mere dwellers: the only beings that can turn the world into the best place to live or sadly, the worst! Knowing all, yet we are the ones causing the most detrimental changes.

Least do we consider safeguarding this whole organism or ‘Mother Earth’ so that our future generation can find themselves a safe place to reside. Little do we care about the countless changes as a mistake of our own activities! The degrading beauty of the Earth is occurring right in front of us but overlooking them has become a usual habit. Melting ice caps in the Arctic, frequent earthquakes, rapid sea level rise causing flood in many parts of the world is considered an accepted truth. But with this comes a bigger truth: The world is just losing so much more!

Maybe we don’t see another Titanic crashing against a colossal ice berg today, but that’s only because of the daunting reality. They’ve melted down to the water body due to drastic increase in the average global temperature.

So think, if a resilient ice berg surrenders to the intimidating hands of climate change, how far are we? How far can you run when the enormous waves of ocean race behind you for engulfing us all into its deadly arms?

It’s all a matter of caring enough for the world and considering one last rhetorical question: What are we losing? THINK!

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