The Worldwide Effects


The world around us is threatened with the most horrible consequences due to excessive exploitation of the natural system of the Earth. With more heat trapped on Earth, the planet will become warmer, which means the weather all over Earth will change. For example, summers will get hotter, and winters too. I is difficult for scientists to say how big the changes will be and where the worse effects will occur.

The weather pattern

It is predicted that the winter and summer temperatures will increase and the weather will be warmer. In winter it may also rain more but in summer it may become drier. There may be many storms, floods and drought, but we do not know which areas of the world will be affected.image001All over the world, these weather changes will affect the kind of crop that can be grown. Plants, animals and even people may find it difficult to survive in different conditions.

 Sea Levels

Higher temperatures will make the water of the seas and oceans expand. All over the world, sea levels may rise, perhaps by as much as 20 to 40 cm, by the beginning of the next century.image002Higher sea levels will threaten the low-lying coastal areas of the world, such our country, Bangladesh. Throughout the world, millions of people and areas of land will be at danger from flooding.


image003The changes in the weather will affect the types of crops grown in different parts of the world. Some crops, such as wheat and rice grow better in higher temperatures, but other plants, such as maize and sugarcane do not.
Changes in the amount of rainfall will also affect how many plants grow.The effect of a change in the weather on plant growth may lead to some countries not having enough food. Can you imagine a day without food? Who knows, our descendants might have to face it for what we are doing today!



image004Everywhere in the world, there is a big demand for water and in many regions, such as the Sahara in Africa; there is not enough water for the people. Changes in the weather will bring more rain in some countries, but others will have less rain. It is a matter to worry because water is the most important component of life.

Can you reflect ways of reducing these problems? Think!


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