The Greenhouse Effect A Blessing or a Curse


image001To determine if greenhouse gases are good or bad, one thing needs to be considered. The emission of it and emitting how much of it would exceed the tolerable limit. In fact, without them the earth would be frozen completely! Earth’s greenhouse effect keeps us about 33 degree Celsius warmer than it would otherwise be!

However, too much greenhouse gases are bad because they contribute to what we call “Global Warming”.

Let’s consider carbon dioxide. It’s is a chemical that absorbs sunlight and warmth from space, keeping it tethered to the Earth instead of radiating back out after it hits the surface.

However, as human sources pump excess carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, more heat gets trapped on Earth, leading to a slow, subtle rise in global temperatures. In essence, the greenhouse effect, combined with the vast amounts of extra carbon dioxide humans pour into the atmosphere, is responsible for global warming.

Hence this issue is quite controversial but solely depends on the humans. It’s for us to decide if we want to continue this debate for few more decades or put a stop to it with our actions.



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