The culprits of climate change

The culprits of climate change

Over the past century, human activities have caused large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to be released into the atmosphere and majority of greenhouse gases come from burning fossil fuels to produce energy, deforestation, industrial processes, and some agricultural practices. Greenhouse gases act like a blanket around the Earth by trapping energy in the atmosphere and causing it to warm. This phenomenon is called the greenhouse effect and is natural and necessary to support life on Earth. However, the buildup of greenhouse gases can change Earth’s climate and result in dangerous effects to human health and welfare, introduce diseases, threaten water and food resources, causing disruption to ecosystems, destroying valuable plant species and wildlife habitat, displace human settlement, melting of glacier ice and increase rising sea level. Most of these impacts are suffered deeply by the developing nations as they are the ultimate victims of climate change due to the unrestricted emissions created by the developed countries in their process of industrialization.

As mention that human activities are causing such rapid climate change, yet it is not easy to point out precisely who among the humans are the culprits. However, some facts are clear and evident that as civilization grows, more expansion and development takes place with no account for the consequences we are going to face. Rapid industrialization from the developed nations has a major impacts on the environment as their unrestrained greed, indulgence and self-worship have brought about looting, plundering, over-exploitation and polluting of the Earth for the vital and valuable resources and yet there is no end to this and there are lack of proper methods to extract and conserve these resources. While the developed countries are profiting from exploiting the natural resources and in the process increasing the unwanted level of emissions in the atmosphere, the developing nations are suffering from the negative impacts of the climate thus the developing countries are becoming the ultimate victims of climate change as they are bearing the cost of climate change. Even at one point, the developed countries will ultimately become the sufferers as they are not aware of the price they will face from their own actions.

During the COP18 climate talks in Doha, 2012, Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary general, directly raised this sensitive issue when he said, “The climate change phenomenon has been caused by the industrialization of the developed world. [It is] only fair and reasonable that the developed world should bear most of the responsibility.” However, some developed countries in particular refuse to commit themselves to internationally-agreed cuts even though they are responsible of creating the problem in the first place and also it is the refusal of the developing countries to accept the terms and be responsible to help solve the problem which they did not cause thus the developed industrialized countries are reluctant to make commitments.


With the base of our on-going activities and the choices we make, it will eventually affect the amount of greenhouse gases we put in the atmosphere in the near future and for years to come. As the Earth is in the palm of our hands, it is up to us as responsible humans to decide and ensure ideal behavior towards the environment and ensure a bright green future where we can all live healthy, peacefully and free from the negative impacts that threatens the very existence of Earth we live in.



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