Our Activities Contributing to Global Warming


A lot of our activities also produce greenhouse gases. These gases are emitted from the sources around us and keep increasing in the atmosphere. The balance of the greenhouse gases changes and this has effects on the whole of the planet. Can you name few ways? Let’s have a look!

Many human activities add to the effects of global warming. Burning fossil fuels – coal, oil and natural gas – releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Cutting down and burning trees also produces a lot of carbon dioxide.

image002A group of greenhouse gases called the – which are usually called CFCs, because the other word is much too long! – have been used in aerosols, such as hairspray cans, fridges and in making foam plastics. They are found in small amounts in the atmosphere. They are dangerous greenhouse gases because small amounts can trap large amounts of heat.

Have you ever thought of walking or cycling your way to school instead of using cars? Look around to see the large number of factories and industries being built that uses a lot of fuel to function their machines. The increasing number of cars and industries leads to a large fuel consumption and high level of carbon dioxide emission. Then the emission of carbon dioxide, leads to global warming. The following things should be lessened to reduce the impact of global warming:


  • excessive logging of trees
  • driving a car that runs on fossil fuel
  • wasting electricity
  • throwing away something that can be reused
  • recycling used up things
  • factories producing toxic gases that go up into  the atmosphere



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