Global Climate Change and Impact


Global Impacts:

When Climate is getting warmer it is causing changes to weather in different regions of the world. In particular, it is causing more extreme weather actions than we have seen in the past. These intense weather events can have impacts on human health, limiting access to clean drinking water, food, and shelter and challenge people’s ability to cope with heat, drought or flood.


  • More rain and flooding:
    Warmer temperatures have led to more intense rainfall proceedings in some areas. This can cause flooding which is a risk to the environment and human health.
  • More extreme drought:
    Warmer temperatures cause more evaporation, turning water into vapor in the air, and causing drought in some areas of the world. Places popular for drought is expected to become even drier over the next century. This is bad news for farmers who can expect fewer crops in these conditions.
  • Heat waves:It is likely that heat waves have become more common in more areas of the world.
  • Crops are withering: Increased temperatures and extreme drought are causing a decline in crop productivity around the world.  Decreased crop productivity can mean food shortages.
  • Ecosystems are changing: As temperatures gets warm, species may either move to a cooler habitat or die, species that are particularly vulnerable include endangered species, coral reefs, and polar animals. Warming has also caused changes in the timing of spring events and the length of the growing season.
  • Seawater is becoming more acidic:
    Carbon dioxide dissolving into the oceans is making seawater more acidic. This could cause impacts on coral reefs and other marine life.


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