Be a part of the solution:3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)


What comes to one’s mind when they see 3 R’s in that manner? One may assume it to be an acronym, whilst another may forego wasting any thoughts to the 3 R’s. But anyone interested in the environment or studying Environmental science or any subject related to environment will know what these 3R’s represent. They are Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in that order. These 3 words fairly sum up what we are to do if we are looking for a solution the current environmental crisis and degradation that looms large at our doorstep.

The ideal way to demonstrate this concept is by the use of an example. And I will use the example of a glass bottle of carbonated drink to explain the ideas more clearly. First we have Reduce, which asks us to reduce consumption and use of the bottle in the first place; use less therefore one shall waste less. Second in line comes Reuse, here it demonstrates that we should reuse the bottle for other purposes instead of throwing it out into the garbage, we could use it to store water or put it to any other use that we deem suitable. And lastly comes the novel concept of Recycle, when we find that the glass bottle is unfit for use any further it is advised to give away the bottle for recycling.


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